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Premium Care in Assisted Reproduction

Two key components for comprehensive patient support on your IVF clinic

For clinics:
Patient overview and
their treatment.


For patients:
Mobile app that guides
the treatment process.


How Ivy makes treatment easier?

For Clinics:

Guides patients seamlessly through treatment.

Strengthens relationships with patients and donors, increasing loyalty.

Reduces costs and administrative burden.

Gain an efficient overview of the quality of your services.

Ivy at the clinic

For Patients:

Provides step-by-step treatment explanation.

Acts as a treatment guide and offers emotional support.

Monitors donations and compliance with instructions.

Monitors protocol deadlines to increase treatment success rates.

Ivy for patient

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Make your clinic thrive

Increase attractiveness and create a supportive environment at your clinic.

Clear treatment guide

Simple. With less worry.

Communication through mobile app

Modern. Effective.

Promote your clinic on distributed materials

Mobile app in your clinic's visual style

Efficient overview of all your patients' treatments

Quick and efficient overview of your patients' treatments. Enables better organization of treatment processes, monitoring protocols, and planning appointments.

Cost savings

Carefully crafted instructions and guides in the app. They not only complement doctors' instructions but also minimize the need for additional queries and calls, saving staff time.

Support for patient and donor loyalty

Whether an unsuccessful cycle or completed donation, we encourage clients to stay at your clinic.

Motivating for another cycle at your clinic.


Making work easier for staff

Automatically ensures treatment adherence.

Ivy takes care of each of your patients

Carefully monitors the treatment process and provides support to patients during and after stimulation.

Monitors protocol
deadlines for you

Triggershot? Puncture? Embryo transfer? Monitors dates precisely according to the patient's individual plan.


Enter the treatment plan into the protocol.


Understands the protocol and purpose of medications.

Explains the use of each medication.

Monitors adherence to critical timelines.

Donor supervision eithout extra work

Our application ensures that all donor guidelines are followed accurately, minimizing errors. This allows clinics to maintain control over the process while giving donors the confidence that they are following the correct procedures.

We relieve you of paperwork

Simply processed electronic questionnaires for patients and daily tasks that staff must not forget.

Patient protocols accessible from anywhere

Allows coordinators safe and quick access to patient protocols anytime, anywhere. Provides instant overview and reduces administrative burden.

Safety first

Your privacy is our priority. Patient data is protected by E2EE (end-to-end) encryption. The patient's identity is always known only to your clinic.

+ More about security

No need to change anything for Ivy

Ivy adapts to you

+How does it look in practice?

Try for free to see how Ivy can help you

Initially, we will meet to understand your needs and tailor the solution to your processes and medications you use.

We customize Ivy for you

Based on feedback from your first patients and staff, we will fine-tune everything according to your individual needs.

We connect Ivy with your system

We connect with your firm's system. Ivy will be fully adapted to you and maximize efficiency.

We are always on hand

We will gladly help you with the implementation of the app and integrating ivy into your processes. We will be at your service throughout to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Integration with EMR




We can send instructions from your EMR* system directly to the patient in the app.

At the same time, we receive feedback from patients and integrate it into your documentation.

*EMR = Electronic Medical Records, a health data management software.

Testimonials from clinics

From an anonymous survey among our clients.

“I have never had a patient with IVY who needed advice regarding medications.”


IVF Clinic Olomouc

“I feel it makes treatment easier for our patients. It’s less stressful for them.”


IVF Clinic Olomouc

“Working with IVY has been good. It definitely has the potential to help women not only with the protocol and preparation for the puncture but certainly beyond that.”


IVF Clinic Olomouc

“Patients with the app seemed to be more confident.”


IVF Clinic Olomouc

How much does Ivy cost?

Ivy's price depends on the number of cycles and features you choose.

We are happy to help you find the best solution for your clinic.

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