Path to
IVF Care

Seamlessly bridging patients
and your clinic through digital platform.

Seamlessly bridging patients and your clinic through digital platform.

Are you a patient and have a pairing code from your clinic?

Beside patients,
every step of the way.

Support that goes beyond
the walls of the clinic.

Clear management of patients in real time.

Get control over the course of each patient's treatment.



Deliver premium personalized care.



Enhance your IVF treatment success rate and compliance.



Offer a sense of safety and assurance to each client.

6 years of development.

Now, we are changing
the IVF treatment paradigm.

IVY is revolutionizing IVF treatment, enhancing the bond between patients and clinics while automating a multitude of essential processes.

Our platform is a beacon of efficiency, optimizing resources and carving a smoother journey to success.

How does Ivy work?

Ivy has two parts

Connecting patient and nurse.

Patient’s Ivy app

Clinic’s Ivy
managment system

See how Ivy works

Lead with Adaptive Healthcare.

  • Personalized care. For every patient, nonstop, until delivery. No extra staff required.
  • No more trivial calls. Ivy provides clarity and context on treatments and terms like Triggershot or GnRH.
  • Automatically ensures treatment adherence.
    Minimize risk and human error.
  • Patient mental support. Ivy is there throughout the treatment, during hard times, even in case of unsuccessful cycle.

Boost Satisfaction, Increase Revenue.

  • Make smart business decisions with insights into client behavior, satisfaction and emotional state.
  • Save time with automation. Patients won't need to call for ultrasound appointments, drug information, etc. Ivy takes care of it.
  • Actively encourage patients to stay with your clinic.
    Even in case of unsuccessful cycle.
  • Streamlines new staff onboarding.

Your Own App.

  • With your identity. Ivy becomes your digital space to showcase your individuality, brand and excellence.
  • Pre-set, yet adjustable. You can modify the content to fit your clinic’s needs. We’re here to help you.
  • Your rules. Adapt Ivy to fit your clinic's processes, team hierarchy, issue handling, and software integrations.
  • Your data. It’s only between you and your patients. End-to-end encrypted.

Testimonials from clinics.

From anonymized survey among our clients.

"I feel it makes treatment easier for our patients. It is then not so stressful."

— Nurse

"I've never had a patient with IVY that would call me needing advice on medication."

— Nurse

"I found IVY a pleasure to work with. I think it definitely has the potential to help women not only with the protocol and preparation for the puncture, but also afterwards."

— Nurse

How can I try Ivy?

We offer a free trial of the Ivy patient app right in your clinic.

How much does Ivy cost?

The price of Ivy depends on the number of cycles and the features you choose.

We are here to help you find the best solution for your clinic.

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