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Mobile app for patients at clinics.

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Step-by-step treatment explanation

Emotional support

Medication usage instructions

Instructions and deadlines from protocol

Exceptional care

With sensitivity, reliability, and support

Ask for the Ivy Assistant app at your clinic.

Ivy Guide

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Our goal is to spread verified information and support patients on their journey to the desired child. That's why we've made our articles freely available to everyone.

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How Ivy makes treatment easier?

Eases anxiety from the unknown

From start to successful end

Patiently explains the treatment step-by-step, from stimulation start to birth. Offers direct communication with coordinators during difficulties.

Reminders for every dose and monitors the treatment process

Triggershot? OPU? GnRH? Reminds you of medication applications and procedure dates with explanations.

Serves as emotional support

Together with psychologists, we create emotional support available throughout the treatment, including challenging situations like an unsuccessful cycle.

Start your IVF journey with us

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Ivy Assistant

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